Monday, May 9, 2011

photos courtesy of timothy

working on some fat cats drawings..

I lollipop you

my bookshelf, his camera.

not that any of my 10 followers would be outraged by my lack of
boothing since december last year, but I wish I could have the
energy to post more now. Quite a few things have changed since
december 2010, my life's moving but I can't quite feel myself
'evolving' yet in my new course (textile design).
If you didn't already pick up on the 'his' in the title, there's a he
in my life! It's probably the best real thing that's happened this
year, and among few other things it's made my life joyous despite
my moody, doubtful self.
I've been thinking about friendships and the significance of people
around me a lot this year. Maybe I'm caring more about others or
realizing how much I actually need people.
The friends I've made have been crucial to my survival so far, and
seem to be a lot stronger and a lot more mature than I am. It can
be inspiring but also very disheartening. My self worth and ability
has been on shaky grounds lately, and it's messin' with my head.

Well looky here I was only intending to publish a photo taken by
the wonderful timothy, and mention my new love, but as it were,
it has turned into a 12 am ramble about my dissatisfaction's of 2011.
bleughhh, millcat signing out